This pine computer armoire was refinished in terra-cotta paint and given blue highlights
Filing cabinet had a broken corner. Corner was rebuilt/filled in, color applied and wood grain painted to match the surrounding area
Another corner crushed in transit. Damaged area was cut out, filled in, and color matched
Broken/chipped veneer on the office door. Area was filled in with polyester resin and painted to match.
Previously painted bench was stripped, dyed and then lightly stained to show the grain.
Another door repair
Yet another crushed corner, this time a part of computer desk
Large dent on the base of a dresser. Same process as some previous repairs. Damaged area cut out, filled in and then painted.
The chest in this picture had extensive damage from acetone spill. Damaged area was lightly sanded and then a few coats of clear sealer, lacquer toners and top coat applied. Grain was drawn along the way to give realistic wood grain appearance.
This oak cabinet had somewhat dated stain color, along with wear and tear damages. It was updated with darker color with even darker highlights.
Another piece from the same set.
Dent repair on a furniture leg.